The legend of Bunk

My first name means: (but, we all should try to be like this.)
Lovable: You're gentle and caring and quick to surrender. A kind helping hand and your love
so tender. You're sensitive toward others; they know you care. Your trusting good nature
Makes you want to share. The concern that you show for others each day makesyou
loving and lovable in every way.

What can I say about myself. Live west of Portland, OR. I like walking on the
Beach, Building sand Castles, Taking Pictures, Trading Stocks, Driving,
Watching movies (comedy, science, & a little action) , Bowling, Spending time
with Clik/relatives,building/playing Computers/games. I have bowled alot on
fridays at one point almost every friday for 8+ years. Been on Bowling Leauges
for about 5 years and avg. of 150-170. High game has been 253 and best series of 623.

Traveling around the country here is a colored list of stats I've been to:

States I have been to while I work. (pic below)

Some of my favorite animals are Bison, Elephants, and visiting
I have a BSSS from PSU.

Here are some of my writings, & projects from school.
Story on losnoopy
The Click Trip
A Calm place
Trading Over Time
Stocks by Star Group
State Parks History

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