Calm Place
	As most people know, that in to days world it's a busy place. People are running
from place to place. It seems that no one has time to think what is going to
do next or just plan what they should do in their life. People need at times
to just take a break and figure out things. Things like how they should handle
the boss at work or that person who just seems to have no clue what there doing.
	The first time in finding a calm place. It was a warm August at the family
cabin. The cabin is located just a football field away from the ocean on the
central Oregon coast. After walking down the hill to the beach from the cabin,
I proceeded to play in the creek. The creek is just to left of the beach access
and right of the beach access is a few rocks a sort distance away. As I normally
do at the beach, I explore the area. As I explored just past the first little 
creek I came to area wear some ten-foot high sand dunes. In the sand dunes,
I imagined being in a jungle or transported to another time and place. Proceeding
down the sand dunes, I came across a creek the family called "Big creek" or
"second creek." After the Big creek, all there is the beach for a two miles
with homes on hill to the left and the ocean to the right until the sand spit.
After discovering all this, I came back to the sand dunes to get out of the
wind that had picked up. Behind the sand dunes, it was warm. I laded down and
found myself thinking about my friends, family, future, and school.
	As one can see that as a young boy I found calm places but didn't really
need it at the time and now that I'm older I know when and where I can go to find
a calm place. I have been able to find many of them over the years. A calm place
could be a room, car, over looking valley, the beach, back yard, and even the
park down the street. The place of calm is where one can feel go to be away from
stress of life or a place that can help in relaxing one's self to the point of
solve the problem. 
	Now walking down a beach you notice farther down that beach a person
on a rock. That person is about three to four hundred yards away on top of a
huge basalt rock over looking the ocean and the beach in both directions. What
would you think that person is doing? This one person could be figuring out
what to do next in their life or trying solving a problem. One can find these
places in a back yard or on a vacation. On one vacation in Southern Alaska,
I found a calm place. When visiting my uncle Tim that lives on an island called
Prince of Whales island. I discovered this place while we where out camping
in a cabin in the national forest. The cabin sat on the edge of a lake that
must have been around a mile long. In addition to that lake their where lots
of trees and it was quiet. The only noises you could hear where of Tim, my cousins,
the animals, and I. Animals like bald eagles, elk, dear, squirrels, and bears.
	In a calm place one could find ways of dealing with the problem at hand and
make goals to fix or plan ways of dealing with the problem. Calm place can help
people to reflect and every body needs that at one time or another. I needed
just such a place at times to make decisions that require a lot of thinking.
As I head toward a calm place, I have ideas of what I want to do with the problem
and I just want to relax a bit too.
	Here is a decision that I had made in the resent past. When you have the
choose to continue school part time and work full time to get to my desired goal
or I could go to school full time and get school over with. After debating about
what to do for a year, I had come to a point where I had to make a decision do to
work being a big pain. School at the time seemed to be plugging along. I went
to my calm place at the beach sitting on that cold hard rock for most of a day. 
The conditions for that day were of a cold north wind at about ten knots and the
fog rolling in and out. After sitting there, I came to realize that I need to quit
my job do to my supervisor personality. On the other hand I need money to pay the
bills and for school. After, deciding to quit my job I stated making plans to
deal with the next set of problems. Problems are of gas bill, insurance,
telephone, food, housing, and all the bills that came from going to school
fulltime. Once back from the beach and the calm place on the rock. I started
finding out about loans for school, better known as finical aid. Now I have a
little over two years left of school.
	A calm place can provide many things to all sorts of people. One could
be of good and bad memories being remembered. One can go to their calm place to
solve the issues and then found a way to deal with it. A calm place can be used
to think out things with every possibility. Planing the next move in ones life
or how to deal with a person who is problem. In this place one could use it as
a stress reliever and where one can analyze ones self by thinking.
By: KBunk

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