The Click Trip

The click trip is a trip to Los Angles in the summer of 1995. The click consists of seven, nineteen-year-olds at the time. However, only six of use actually went to Los Angles. Just think of a tan colored van, traveling down the road with six boys, with there own set and with no parents at all.

The click is a group of friends that I have grown up with since sixth grade. The characterized of each of the click members consists of I Bunk. Then Chuck he is an animation freak plus a person with the cleanest room in the world. Sleeps on the floor and uses the bed as a room ordainment. Next is Pysan he is the oldest of nine in the red head family, plus is a magnet for finding water. Snoopy is a wannabe cop, also blamed for every thing gone wrong or the planer of all the things gone bad that Stik has done. Stik is the troublemaker, plus the tallest and is a toothpick of the click. BP is the other toothpick but most of all the pilot of any plane we can get a hands on. We can't forget BS he is the youngest and is like a little DJ type of person and Fred's younger brother. Of this group people, BP is the only one in the Click that was unable to go. He mist a great road trip to Pysan's Ant's house five blocks from where OJ the football star killed his wife.

On the Road with the click in a tan colored van, I thought the trip was going to end in ruins. Now that van it's like twenty-two feet long and seems to be at least twelve feet wide. Here is a picture of us in the van, six young men that are around nineteen-year-olds, no parents, a little bit of money and a van that sucks gas by the gallons. We took turns driving the van to reach LA, it only took sixteen hours. Once in LA, we looked for Pysan's Ants house.

LA, what's a funny looking sky, brown type color is the sky. However, when we arrived it was a black in the sky with no stars, it must have been at night or the sun disappeared. At the Ants house, we all crashed like a bunch of logs in the front room. The next day was a blast, at Six Flags, the click went on rides all day long and the park needs more rides. After that fun day, we spent the next day recouping by watching movies and in the afternoon, we went on a sailboat ride. That was provided by Stik's Ant and uncle, I think it was in South Beach or Harbor something. Though it was fun and the day before, we had a grade of a Disneyland the next day. We started when the first gate opened at the part to the time they asked us to leave the park at 11 p.m. that night. After, the long day at Disneyland we crashed again. At last that evening we hit the road for are trip home. We would have gotten a speeding tick on the way home, but the high way patrol was dealing with some one who crash on the other side of the high way about a mile down I-5.

After all, that fun I did learn that the click still had all the right peoples to make a great and exciting team. We had conflict that added to the interest and flare to the trip, thought the weather was hot, like the 90's, it was a neat to learn a little more about each other. I hope that we can all get together in the future to something like it again.

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