Trading Over Time

I started saving money to invest in late 1995. During the next year, I proceeded to find small companies to investment in for their growth potential. There are many good ways of finding companies to invert in. Asking questions, people at work, school or in any store that you walk into. I learned of a company that did property management software called Timberline Software. The company was started by locals and has been around for two decades. Since investing in them in October 1996 the stock has split ever year.

Once I had made up my mind what to invest in, I had to find a brokerage firm to do my trading. I investigated the firm's history and checked over the services they offered then decided to open an account at Bidwell & Company. In today's world, I no longer need to go in person to firms office, but can do all my transactions over the World Wide Web. Online trading has made me more informed and up to date on the stocks I currently own shares in. I also belong to a growing group of people trading stocks online.

In a traditional brokerage firm, I would have to take time off to see a broker in person to do a transaction or I could do it by telephone, though I hate telephones. It took a long time to get information from companies by mail and it's never seemed to be current information on the company. By going online with my brokerage firm, I was able to access the information on my account, make deposits, buy and sell stocks, get news on the companies as it is released to the public, and also see my positions on stocks in a nice table or graph on the screen of my computer. My online brokerage allows me to gather all the information I need to make a decision and make the trades. When starting online trading, I thought that someone might break into my account but I found out that the brokerage firm has many safety checks features.

Price is a very important part in making money with stocks. I love to save money on trades. Trades are made through the AMEX, NYSE, and NASDAQ. AMEX, NYSE, and NASDAQ are essentially companies that regulate stocks on their exchanges. In order for a stock to be traded on an exchange, it has to meet the exchanges guidelines and regulations. From the time company chooses to be traded on an exchange it needs to start meeting the regulations and continue to do so the companies death. Companies such as Willamette Valley Vineyards, this company symbol that it trades under is WVVI, trades on NASDAQ. NASDAQ uses the symbol to keep track of all the companies it has trading on it's exchange. All three exchanges machined are located on Manhattan Island. In addition, these places are where investors are matched up to make a particular trade.

An example of a trade online might cost $12 per trade of a particular stock on shares that don't exceed 5,000 shares. For two dollars more I can do a stop or limit order. Stop or limit orders are a way of controlling the price of a trade at which one buys certain stock. Limit order of WVVI and current price is $2.25 and your account has money for one thousand shares of WVVI at $2.10. Next Place limit order at $2.10 and the order goes to the exchange and when somebody else put in a sell order in at that price or a market order in it will be traded at the $2.10. A regular or market order is an order in which the trade is matched up with another person is trade at whatever price that both parties can agree to. In a traditional brokerage firm, I would pay at least $20 to $300 per trade. If I wanted to see a broker in person, I would have to wait until I had time to go down to their office to trade or make an order by telephone. Furthermore, I would have to wait until it's entered into the system to be processed. This to me is a waste of time and in processing of my order and money is being burned.

Access is very important in making trades. If no has access to the market one can't play the game of trading stocks. Access for me was the most important factor, first I tried a walk in brokerage, but I always needed to take time off to make a deposit or purchase a stock or take money out of the bank. Now that I use a web-based brokerage, I can do my trading of stocks around the clock and move money from my bank to stock account and back again if I choose to do so. I can do research on companies much faster and more accurately. Plus, I have more then one source on a company that I am researching on line.

From all I have done with stocks, I have found that online trading makes, saves, and gives me more access plus allows me to feel proud in the way I invest. Making money is far easier and less time consuming by far when using an online brokerage firm. Go out and look into investing by the web; it may be fun and exciting for a person and good stock hunting too everybody.

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