Bison Info.

The largest land mammal in North America since the end of the Ice Age. There are three
subspecies of bison: the Plains bison, Wood bison, and the European Wisent. Bison
have thrived on the North American continent for thousands of years, in a wide variety of
climates. Winter storms and summer heat are no problem. Bison are not a domestic animal
and require special handling. Today's bison producers have developed handling systems,
corrals, and techniques that make bison handling safe for animal and producer. Visiting
bison ranches in your area to better learn handling techniques and fencing requirments.

Bison Reproduction

Bison cows generally have their first calf at age 3 and will deliver a calf every year
afterwerds. Most producers plan on a 20 year reproductive life, and some producers have
30 year old cows still delivering healthy calves. Calves are born later (April - June) than
domestic cattle and rarely require human assistance. Bison have a gestation period of about
280 days and usually produce one 40-50 lb. calf. One bull will service 10 - 15 cows.

Bison -- Red Meat

Bison is great tasting and falls into the gourmet / specialty meat. Research on bison meet has
shown that it is a highly nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, fat,
minerals and fatty acids to its caloric value. Bison is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than
beef, pork or skinless chicken. Bison is found in grocery stores, butcher shops and restaurants.
Steaks, roasts, fajitas, burgers, hotdogs and ravioli are available.

Bison other products and uses:

Containers, Shields, Buckets, Moccasin Soles, Drums, Splints, Mortars, Cinches, Ropes
Sheaths, Saddles, Saddle Blankets, Stirrups, Bull Boats, Masks, "Parfleche", Ornaments
Lariats, Straps, Caps, Quirts, Snowshoes, Shrouds
Choice Meat, Comb (Rough Side)
Pouches, Medicine Bags
Arrow Points, Cups, Fire Carrier, Powderhorn, Spoons, Ladles, Headdresses,
Signals, Toys, Medication
Cradles, Moccasin Tops, Winter Robes, Bedding, Shirts, Belts, Leggings, Dresses,
Bags, Quivers, Tipi Covers, Tipi Liners, Bridles, Backrests, Sweatlodge Covers
Soups, Puddings, Paints
Tallow, Soaps, Hair Grease, Cosmetic Aids
Medicine Switch, Fly Brush, Decorations, Whips
Headdresses, Pad Fillers, Pillows, Ropes, Ornaments, Hair Pieces, Halters,
Bracelets, Medicine Balls, Moccasin Lining, Doll Stuffing
Fleshing Tools, Pipes, Knives, Arrowheads, Shovels, Splints, Sleds, Saddle Trees,
War Clubs, Scrapers, Quirts, Awls, Paintbrushes, Game Dice, Tableware
Sausages, Cached Meat, Jerky (Dehydrated), Pemmican(Processed)
Glue, Rattles Spoons
Tanning Agents
Water Containers, Cooking Vessels
Hide Preparation, Food
Glue Preparation, Bows, Thread, Arrow-Ties, Cinches
Fuel, Diaper Powder, Toys, Jewelry

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