HTML Stuff

Start with a all of the following terms have this to start out around them <xxx>
example is <head>xxxx</head>
Also where xxxx that is between >xxxx< put name of page.
This example works for all HTML pages.

HTML ---
HEAD ---
TITLE --- put title here
BODY --- put every thing else here

Above is the four main things a page needs. For search engins to find
your site you need a <meta content=""> In the "" put what your site is about.

BR --- like a return
HR --- horizontal line
P --- end of a paragraph
<A HREF="URL"> title here</A> --- put a URLwhere you see URL. URL = adress of web site.
<IMG SRC="PIC"> --- put a name picture in the place of PIC.
<FONT bgcolor="" etc.> --- put a color code in between "" (color code is 6 digets)
text color is done this way.
I --- italics
B --- bold
U --- underline

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