State Parks larger then 100 acres that have been given to state of Oregon

By: Kevin Bunker

Oregon History 338U

May 1, 2001

1924 April 12 Mayer State Park 260 acres
Mark A Mayer used Wasco County Court and Highway Commission for the purchase the remainder of the land that was not owned by Mr. Mayer. It was done to save an area of Oregon scenery.

1927 November 3 Pilot Butte State Park 100 acres
Charles A Brown of Chicago, IL, Kempster B. Miller of Pasadena, LA, and Francis R. Welles of Bourre, France where owners of the 100 acres land. Friends of the late Terrence Hardington Foley where brought together by H. F. Shilling for the purpose of making a park in memory of Terrence H. Foley at the National Bank in Bend.

1928 November 21 Saddle Mountain State Park 3,054.01 acres
O.W. and Nellie Taylor along with State Land Board are the givers of the land-totaled 2681.96 acres. Five other purchases by the state increased the park by 372.05 acres. The U.S. Government set aside in August 11, 1916 for the use of a park.

1929 March 9 Guy W. Tabbot State Park 187.75 acres
Guy W. and Geraldine W. of 125 acres and later in 1935 Multnomah County gave 62.75 acres for the park. The park is in the Columbia River Gorge National scenic area.

1930 September 4 Umpqua Lighthouse State Park 1,355.99 acres
Douglas County gave 200 acres in 1930, 371.8 acres in 1939, and 472.38 acres in 1940. Menasha Wooden Ware Company gave the rest of the land totaling 111.81 acres.

1931 November 12 Oswald West State Park 428.58 acres
E.S. and Mary Collins gave 120.37 acres in 1931. In 1932 George and Julia P. Hcantley gave 45.85 acres. Tillamook County gave 120 acres in 1935 and Samuel and Beulah K. reed 97.3 acres that same year. Tillamook County and Beulah K Reed gave the remainder of land from 1938 to 1943.

1932 February 11 Ecola State Park 337.8 acres
Indian Beach Corp., Rodney Glisan, Florence Minott, Carline W. and Louise Flanders gifted their portion of the land to the state and one person Alben Lewis was bought out for $17,500. Total land given to state for the park 225 acres. In latter years of 1948 another 112.8 acres of land was purchased.

1932 June 1 Cape Arago State Park 134 acres
James Cook named this cape in Oregon in March 12, 1778. L. J. Simpson and Lela G. Simpson donated a 134 acres of land.

1933 January 13 Wygant State Park 731.5 acres
Simeon R and Olivia F. Winch gave 251.5 acres to honor grand parents Theodore and Margaret Wygant. Three of the five additions to the park are by Hood River County. The park is in the Columbia River Gorge National scenic area.

1935 September 3 Cape Lookout State Park 1150 acres
Wild life service has counted some 154 species of birds in the park. The U.S. Lighthouse Service donated 975 acres.

1936 June 29 Golden & Silver Falls State Park 157.27 acres
Waterford Lumber Company gave 112 acres of land in 1936. Coos County 17.27 acres in 1935 and again in 1955 of 28 acres. The county gave the land to protect some of the waterfalls and to off set the road improvements through the park.

1938 July 23 Nehalem Bay State Park 545.69 acres
Tillamook County purchased the land and later gave it to the state of 497.63. The area had been used by Spanish galleon traded from here to places like Mexico, Philippines and the local Indians. Candles made of beeswax are found at times when construction in the park happens.

1938 September 29 Silver Falls State Park 8,059.27 acres
National Park Services gave 5,989.58 acres for the purposes of recreation. In 1948 to 1949 2,000 more acres where added by O. & C. Land by a Congressional Act. The rest of the park is a boy's camp of 121 acres and a girl's camp of 65 acres. 11 falls in a mile hike is one of the main attractions at the park.

1940 April 19 The Cove Palisades State Park 4,533 acres
A license agreement from the Federal Government of 2,980 acres of land for park uses. Jefferson County has given 640 acres at a cost of $1,600 in 1941. More purchases 11 in total and a donation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in October 1946.

1943 February 10 Champoeg State Park 141.61 acres
The first piece of acres of land was deed to the state of Oregon in June 15, 1901. In later years of 1943 and 1957 another 141.61 acres where added.

1945 December 26 Collier Memorial State Park 146.06 acres
Alfred D. and Andrew collier of Klamath Falls memorial for there parents Charles Morse C and Janet McCorrack Collier.

1947 January 1 Catherine Creek State Park 160 acres
Mr. Collins deed to Union County but the county was unable to pay for up keep and was then given to the state. Catherine creek runs in a canyon that the creek has made over the years.

1954 January 6 Tumalo State Park 115 acres
A gift to the state by Deschutes County and in latter years the county has done several road easements for road improvement projects on county roads that run through parts of the park.

1955 March 28 Fort Stevens State Park 788 acre
s Name keep for the adjoining historic military reservation. Land was by the Clatsop County Court.

1958 July 11 Loeb State Park.160 acres
Along the Chetco River in Curry County and by the state board of Forestry work a deal out with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to buy the 120.23 acres at a very low price of 2.5 cents per acre. The rest of the land is from the Curry County.

1961 August Viczenz Lausmann Memorial State Park 126 acres .
Columbia River Gorge Commission along with the family of Vinzenz Lausmann gave the 126 acres to state for preservation of a scenic area and in honoring Mr. Lausmann. The park is located in the National scenic area of the Columbia River Gorge.

1962 April 20 Fort Rock State Park Monument 190 acres
Rueben A. and Norma Long gave 30 acres. The rest of the land came from a 25-year reversionary clause by the Bureau of Land Management.

1962 May 23 William M. Tugman State Park 480.3 acres
The Oregon State Game Commission added 20.3 acres to the original park. In June 6, 1962 the park was to honor William M. Tugman who was the head of State Travel and Information advisory commission and State Parks Recreation advisory committee.


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