The Click

Manipulative Matt
He's so tall they call him Stik
And like how chocolate makes him sick,
He has no taste except for friends
He's manipulative to the end

Legendary Ludicrous Luke
Snoopy was rightfully nicknamed
For his legends are fabled and famed
But his stories we'd rather not be in
Like his blowing up of Camp Baldwin

Bombastic Bunk
With Bunk what more can we say,
Than more than his car does he weigh
So if he should crash it someday
He'll just pick it up and carry it away

Puppy dog Py
With Py there's nothing to say at all
Just that his name is a number and in water he falls
Like the rest he hopes to be rich someday
So I might befriend him and take it all away

Benny Ben Ben
To me he is like a brother
And I have known no other
Who would like him stand and never fall
But I bet I can still beat him at ball

Fly-boy Ben
He has his head in the clouds everyday
So youd think hed be happy flying that way
But the thin air up there I think went to his head
For hes in North Dakota, not Hawaii instead

Magnificent Me Myself
I'm between quite and wild
The side they see they call "the golden child"
Their guide, their companion, their friend so true
But my best quality is that I'm humble too.

-F. C. Stamps October 1995


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