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NASA's Magnificent 7

Captain "Flyboy"

Take your hands off me and slap yourselves!   Mission Pilot (of course):  Who else are you going to get to fly this group?

Chief Captain Dead "Plan to plan"

What a lousy place for a wall!

Mission Commander:   Hey, the whole thing was my idea.  I think I should be in charge.


I have you now! ...Maybe not.Special Agent Bunk "Funky Bunkey" &

Perhaps... But where would they get a straw big enough? Admiral Pysan "Water-Fall"

Computer Guys:  They sit in the back and do all the hard programming stuff in between Zelda games so we don't have to bother with all that technical computer gobbly-goo and thing-a-ma-jigs.

Agent Bunk:

Admiral Pysan:

Officer Snoopy "Just Shoot Me!"

Greetings and salivations

Mission Security:   He makes sure no one sneaks on board the shuttle while we're in space.


Private Stik "Hoosier"

Yes, yes, yes. What is your pathetic, insignificant little point?

Mission Specialist:  Private Stik's unique physical structure will replace the shuttle's crane arm, serving as a much longer, cheaper way to grab satellites, women, etc.

President Ben "I'm too sexy for my spacesuit"

Do not be the clever guy with me! You are not qualified.Mission Poster Boy:  Now appearing in Playgirl Magazine, voted sexiest man to be put into space.  His role on the mission is simply to draw more attention like we tried with John Glenn so the space program can get more funding like we did from the release of  movies like "Apollo 13," "Independence Day," "Armageddon," and "October Sky."


Mission Payload

Congratulations! You have not done a terrible job. Stik:  Our mission objective is to land on Mars, drop off Stik and return to the earth.  Sorta like when they take the T-Rex back to that island, safely away from people in Jurassic Park 2.  I think we have a good shot at it working.



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